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BioKlenz has partnered with an Australian company, AUSCICE, to facilitate the import of high-quality technical-grade urea. Used for the production of AdBlue diesel additive, we are looking for partners to manufacture AdBlue locally and at extremely competitive pricing. We have JV options available and finance backing to bring up to 30,000MT per month.


AdBlue is a transparent liquid with weak alkaline (ph = 9~10). It is used to ensure optimal performance and reliability of SCR system. By injecting the fluid into a separate small tank, the fluid breaks down noxious gases into Nitrogen, Oxygen and water, minimising environmental impact.

ISO 22241 | ISO 9001-2013 | DIN 70070 | EC No 1907/2006 and 1272/2008 | VDA Institute

For more information and expressions of interest contact Scott Whittaker, General Manager BioKlenz on 0425 236 248.