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22 February 2023, Singapore – Speco, an award-winning smart hygiene company, is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first smart sanitiser, the Speco Ion, a revolutionary ambient sanitisation machine that automates hygiene maintenance. Speco’s award-winning antiviral coating, was developed since 2019, has been used widely throughout commercial buildings and offices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Generally, cleaning solutions are applied manually on surfaces by hand or sprayed through aerosols, a tedious, labor-intensive and time-consuming procedure. The Speco Ion was specially developed to automate disinfection, making daily and regular sanitisation an ambient reality for all homes and offices. With Singapore’s move into Dorscon Green, and less pressure on citizens and businesses to be vigilant about the hygiene of their environment, Speco believe their innovation is a timely move to help the country remain viral and germ-free in the background, as life resumes normalcy.

Speco’s mission is to make this green technology accessible to every household and to automate hygiene routines so that people can focus on living life while having the “software” in place to protect them.

  • Speco Ion is the 1st All-in-One to sanitise surfaces and clean air in a safe and fuss-free manner.
  • Activate Speco+ mode for an effective protection of surface and air.
  • Schedule daily sanitisation via the Tuya Smart App
  • Remove harmful germs, particles and odours from your life
  • Speco Ion processes the input from three sensors to continually monitor the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). .
  • Speco+ will instantly attach onto both airborne and surface germs. The germs are eliminated through oxidizing and weakening of the cell membrane and protein coat.

Machine Name: Speco Ion

Machine Size (L X B X H): 32cm X 32cm x 63cm

Weight: 7 kg

Air Flow Volume: 700m³/h

CADR (CFM): 513m³/h

Power: 240V/ 45W

Noise Level (dBA): 50/30/25 (max/med/low)

Speco Plus Capacity: 300ml


1. Prefilter
2. HEPA H13 (0.3 Micron)
3. Negative Ion
4. Carbon Filter
5. UVC Light