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All BioKlenz spill kits comply with the Dept. of Health regulations in handling body fluid spills in the workplace. SafeWork also has a Code of Practice to protect staff and public from these spills.

Most distribution is to healthcare, hospitals, aged care, community transport and facility managers.


  • Hospitality (Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants)
  • Airlines
  • Facilities (Offices, Schools etc)
  • Community transport
  • Any public domain where exposure to body fluid may occur (Museums, Concerts etc)


  • Wall display Satchel Kit with Sterri Matt detergent
  • Body Fluid Spill Kit No Detergent
  • Body Fluid Spill Kit with Sterri Matt Detergent
  • 200gm Sachet Absorbent Powder

A Well Designed Spill Kit Is Highly Recommended

  • All blood and body fluid spills should be dealt with immediately.
  • The use of protective clothing worn over a uniform or work clothing (e.g. apron, gloves, face mask etc.) will avoid unnecessary contamination.
  • When exposed to blood or body fluids, the Body Fluid Spill Kit is designed with the staff in mind and will minimise potential infection in the workplace.

Saves Time and Simplifies The Procedure

When an emergency spill occurs, kits save time because there is no frantic search for a disposable gown, gloves & clinical detergent etc. It is all available in the one handy kit.

Easy to handle

The Bioklenz super absorbent powder solidifies the blood/body fluid and renders a safe and easy mass to handle.